Donnie & His Sis
By - Allan Ishac

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Know What The President’s Sister — A Respected Federal Judge — Thinks Of Her Racist, Sexist, Boneheaded Brother?

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Are you aware that our failing president has a successful, Ivy-League educated sister, who is also a highly-regarded federal court judge?

We all know by now that the rest of the Trump family is a bunch of boobs, bimbos, losers, locos, and lightweights.

But then there’s Maryanne Trump Barry, a lawyer and retired federal court judge, who is, by all accounts, well-respected, extremely bright, tough but fair, thoughtful in her courtroom decisions, and someone who avoids the spotlight…unlike her bluster-filled, adolescent brother.

What does she really think about Donald Trump? Why don’t we hear from her? Why won’t she say what everybody believes — that she is so mortified by her sibling’s systematic dismantling of America, including its court system for which she dedicated her life, that she is effectively in hiding.

Of course, she might have said harsher things about him in the past — like that he’s a bozo who should watch his manners. I’ve considered that possibility, too, right here:

Please, Mrs. Trump Barry, give the people some hope. If there was ever a time to act like the big sister, it’s right now.