Allan’s Debut Novel, The First Metanoian, Is Coming Soon!

Here’s a peek into this metaphysical adventure story…

Allan Ishac: Author - A world of powerful and predictable miracles

Sometimes when you lose hope and find it hard to keep the wonder alive, it’s good to have a mystic or a sorcerer appear to shake up your reality and show you that the truth is 180º from what you have always believed.

That’s what happens in The First Metanoian. One minute the world is chaotic and doomed, the next minute a seam opens, an avatar walks through, and we suddenly understand that everything we’re looking at is an illusion, the possibilities are endless, and miracles are inevitable.

I call this story true fiction, because I know that everything amazing and spectacular that happens in it is both real and upon us. That synchronicities aren’t random coincidences, but vital clues, and that the alchemist showed up just in time to school us in the meaning of these wondrous messages, and tell us what to do with them when we get them. Before it’s too late.

The game this sorcerer plays is not for children, although the young will play it better than most adults, and have more fun doing it. Children enter the game already knowing that enchantment is a necessary prerequisite to play. But it’s a difficult game for those indoctrinated into a fossilized world, and it will ask of you a level of attention that few ever give to anything.

Let me say straight out that there is little in our common worldview that will prepare you for what is on these pages. Some may consider the story fanciful. Others will call it a dreamer’s dream, or wishful thinking, and reject its promise outright. But for those who stay with it, who let the enchantment embedded in the ink seep into their imaginations, there is a chance to glimpse a world beyond this one. A world of powerful and predictable miracles.

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