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Allan’s Debut Novel,
The Mystic In The Mews,
Is Available Now

A Mind-Bending Tale of Miraculous Possibilities In The Mystic In The Mews, an avatar returns to this time and place, post-pandemic, to finish what he started 2600 years before. What he shares with the book’s two young protagonists—that everything they thought they knew was mistaken, and the truth is 180º from all that they’ve ever believed—changes their lives unalterably and forever.

Travel with them as they confront their deepest fears, meet allies they never knew existed, and have experiences that defy all rational explanation, while on an urgent mission to shift the thinking of a world at the brink of self-destruction into a place of powerful and predictable miracles. All before it’s too late.

“A captivating adventure story filled with pearls of wisdom.”
– Carol Howe, best-selling author of Never Forget To Laugh

“Allan knows how to pull the reader in… you’ll want to go along with him on this metaphysical and mystical journey of adventure and awakening.”
— Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author of Missouri Mystic and publisher of Miracles Magazine

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"Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences." – Sylvia Plath
Not only a writer, but a wily
backgammon player.

About Allan

Allan Ishac wrote two regional bestsellers, New York’s 50 Best Places To Find Peace And Quiet and New York’s 50 Best Places To Take Children.

He is also the author of The Guide To Odd New York and created and wrote the Telly Award-winning children’s video series, Hard Hat Harry.

Allan’s debut novel, The Mystic In The Mews: A metaphysical adventure story, was published in Spring of 2024 and inspired by the teachings in A Course In Miracles. Allan has been a student of the Course for more than 35 years, and is a regular contributor to Miracles Magazine

When he’s not getting his hands dirty in his terrace garden, Allan is on a bicycle or sharing uplifting stories of meaningful coincidences with anyone who’s paying attention. Allan proudly lives in New York City—the greatest show on earth.

Classic Guidebooks to a Great City

New York’s 50 Best Places To Find Peace And Quiet

6th Edition – Rizzoli/Universe Publisher

The bestseller that has sold nearly 200,000 copies. “If you’re at wit’s end and frantic for tranquility, relax…you can buy this sweet little book.” – The New York Times

New York’s 50 Best Places To Take Children

4th Edition – Rizzoli/Universe Publisher

The only guidebook of its kind that the Parents League of NY rated “Indispensable.” This beloved bestseller remains the #1 printed source for kid fun in the city.

The Guide To Odd
New York

Unconventional and unexpected, this unique guidebook ventures off the beaten path to a quirkier side of New York. Includes more than 100 offbeat entries and 60 eye-popping photos, proving that NYC is still the capital of kookiness.

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Miracle Voices – A Course In Miracles Podcast (ACIM): Ep 54

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