Allan’s First Novel, The First Metanoian, Is Coming Soon!

Here’s a peek into this mystical tale of mind-bending possibilities

Allan Ishac: Author - A world of powerful and predictable miracles

One minute the world seems chaotic and doomed, the next minute a seam opens, a mystic walks through, and suddenly we understand that it’s all an illusion, the possibilities are endless, and a great awakening is waiting to happen.

It’s all set into motion in The First Metanoian, a metaphysical adventure story about a mystic who returns to this time and place, post-pandemic, to finish what he started 2600 years before. And what he shares with the book’s two young protagonists—that everything they thought they knew is mistaken and the truth is 180º from all that they’ve ever believed—changes their lives unalterably and forever.

But not before a series of mind-bending adventures takes them from New York’s Greenwich Village to California’s Big Sur coast, from shamanic caves in 16th century Colombia to teleportation lairs in Ancient Greece, and alerts them to the inspiring and meaningful messages embedded in synchronicities.

As The First Metanoian unfolds across time and space, our two protagonists confront their deepest fears, meet allies they never knew existed, and are forced to challenge all their fossilized beliefs about the way the world works.

Aided by the mystic’s paranormal powers, they glimpse alternate dimensions, revisit past lives, and explore parallel realms that are hidden in the creases of their imagination. They learn to use “a level of attention that few ever give to anything” to notice helpful coincidences, capture vital clues, and follow these breadcrumbs from beyond to usher in a completely new way of thinking.

They then join the First Metanoian and a mystical alliance of powerful forces on an urgent mission to change a world that appears at the brink of self-destruction into a place of powerful and predictable miracles.

All before it’s too late.

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