Deniis Miller
By - Allan Ishac

Am I The Only One Who’s Noticed That There Are No Funny Conservative Comedians?

Remember Dennis Miller on SNL? He was funny. Then he drank the red Kool-Aid. Now, painfully unfunny. (Credit:

And I am not just talking about SCROTUS45, who never laughs, has zero sense of humor, can’t tell a joke, and when he tries, ALWAYS bombs. The Orange Accident was obviously born without a funny bone.

I’m talking about conservative comedians in general — you never see a really funny man or woman from the right side of the divide.

Here are my various theories why:

  1. Conservatives are easy to make fun of, liberals are not. Conservatism is associated with the past, the old, the obsolete. We’re all raised to make fun of our parents, the generation before us that appears to all youth to be stuck in its ways, outdated, stale. We grew up thinking this was funny, and so we’re trained in mocking conservative viewpoints. Liberalism is associated with progress, moving forward, the future. That’s not as funny because it’s hard to ridicule since it hasn’t happened yet and it is naturally aspirational. Aspiration is hopeful and upbeat, anachronism is darker, worn out, and downbeat. So, conservatives are easy to satirize by liberal comedians. But from their entrenched position in old thinking, conservative comedians can’t be funny. They can only be funny if they’re mocking themselves, and then they aren’t really conservatives at all.
  2. Because liberals are progressive, they are willing to push to new places and break rules, and that’s funny. Breaking the rules, pushing the edges of the known, is what makes people laugh. Whether it’s about politics, sex, workplace stupidities, or life in general. Conservatives are afraid to break rules — they are trying to preserve the known and protect the past. There’s no edginess to that, so there’s no humor in it.
  3.  Conservatives isolate. Liberals don’t. Conservatives are big on the American isolationist thing, keeping others out and themselves locked in. So they tend to have less exposure to other people, cultures, countries… and comedy. Some of the best comedy is born out of the differences and, more often, the similarities between the world’s citizens. But you can’t know that when you hide in a box.
  4. And, finally, conservative humor grows in a putrid mental Petri dish. It’s born out of racism, sexism, homophobia, ethnocentricity, and generalized fear. Fear is a really terrible place from which to grow humor. I’m not talking about neuroses — neurotic, self-effacing humor is funny. I’m talking about fear that makes us hate. That makes us prejudiced. That makes us denounce and condemn. That kind of humor is never inclusive, it’s always exclusive. And it’s never truly funny.

And that’s why I think there are no really clever, creative, truly funny conservative comedians.