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Am I The Only One…

who grew up thinking that Camp David had counselors and an arts and crafts cabin?

ponies in the woods

See there were ponies, and woods, and dirt trails! (Credit:

I can’t tell you how many times I heard as a kid that the president and his family were going to Camp David for the weekend and I wondered if they would be canoeing, making decoupage, or sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows at night. 

I didn’t realize the cabins had full amenities, that “campers” got around on golf carts, and that the food was five-star. I thought short-sheeting the bed and food fights were de rigueur for first families.

I got so preoccupied with the idea of Camp David as a rustic retreat for the presidents of my childhood — the Kennedy’s being the most prominent, because I was about the same age as John Jr., that I wrote a humor post about it that appeared in the Washington Examiner:

So, am I the only one who wanted a Camp David t-shirt??