Stall In Grad
By - Allan Ishac

How To Tell Who’s In The Toilet Stall Next To You Without Peeking At Their Shoes

A brief tutorial on the art of “clandestine commode snooping”   They’re so close, yet so far away. (Photo Credit: No, I’m not a creep. Not totally anyway. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has strained themselves trying to identify a person in the next stall. It has happened to you, right? You’re minding your

Donnie & His Sis
By - Allan Ishac

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Know What The President’s Sister — A Respected Federal Judge — Thinks Of Her Racist, Sexist, Boneheaded Brother?

(Photo Credit: Are you aware that our failing president has a successful, Ivy-League educated sister, who is also a highly-regarded federal court judge? We all know by now that the rest of the Trump family is a bunch of boobs, bimbos, losers, locos, and lightweights. But then there’s Maryanne Trump Barry, a lawyer and retired federal court judge, who