Writer. Rider. Righted.

Words create worlds and also shape lifetimes. They saved me in college, where I liked writing for the school paper more than attending my classes. That led to my first job as a reporter for a community newspaper. Later, words got me an entry-level position with a small publisher of prurient titles, writing jacket copy and direct response pitches.

I parlayed that experience into a job with a big Madison Avenue ad agency. I missed the Mad Men perks, but did manage to garner a few copywriting awards, which gave me the chutzpa to start a small ad agency with a colleague. As a VP/Creative Director there, I made a successful career out of thinking strategically.


But the words wanted to be books and more. So I authored two regional bestsellers, conceived and wrote a popular children’s video series, created the first ‘dot.calm’ website, along with the TranquiliCity app. My work with words was once featured in The New York Times.

TRANQUILICITY Application for the iPhone Tranquilicityapp.comWords, and my other love, cycling, are now collaborating on a column for Momentum Magazine called Cyclepreneurs. And, in 2018, slow cooked words will fill the pages of my first novel, a metaphysical adventure story.

Allan Ishac in Momentum Magazine

Words. They have righted my life so many times I can’t count. No telling what they’ll come up with next.